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Avatar 2

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A sequel to Avatar (2009). Official concept art for the Avatar,sequels has been revealed showcasing,never-before-seen parts of Pandora the,caption posted alongside the four pieces,of artwork reads in the Avatar sequels,you won’t just return to Pandora you’ll,explore new parts of the world and to,that end James Cameron has said that,each sequel will showcase a different,aspect of Pandora and to that end each,title seems to inform what each movie,will focus on for example avatar -,supposedly subtitled the way of water,will explore what life looks like under,the sea of Pandora Cameron has famously,pioneered technology that has allowed,scientists to explore Earth’s oceans and,along with Pandora’s trademark lush,glow-in-the-dark vegetation and wonky,gravity his passion for the sea seems to,be on full display in these watery,images this one even features what,appeared to be new aquatic creatures the,riding little Loch Ness monster horrible,actor Stephen Lang who’ll reprise his,role as the villainous Colonel miles,forage in spite of big time dying at the,end of the first one revealed in an,interview that Cameron has been having,the actors do underwater performance,capture the other sequel titles,reportedly include avatar the sea bearer,avatar the Tolkien writer and avatar the,quest for a WA so who knows what corners,of Pandora those sequels will cover we,did get a brief glimpse of other parts,of Pandora in the first film when Jake,Sully flies around as to Ruth’s motto,recruiting all the tribes to battle but,there is undoubtedly much more to see I,totally remember the entire plot and we,didn’t have to Google that David all,Disney will release a new avatar movie,every other year between December 2021,and December 20 27 which means avatar,will be an 18 year old franchise by the,time the fifth movie comes out that says,old as fast and furious is right now so,think about that Joshua I see you I will,think about that and and and what do you,think about that and these new images,from the Avatar sequels which gorgeous,alien Vista are you most eager to,explore the glowing neon hot tubs or the,Rockies stadium for the next big navvy,music festival let us know in the,comments thanks for watching for more,from IGN now check out our CTAs which,are outstanding we did one yesterday,the one prior to that was like I don’t,know it’s been like a month we did have,to do it easy team we certainly did yeah,yeah they know the drill I think let’s,leave it in yeah,[Laughter]


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