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The Eternals are a team of ancient aliens who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of years. When an unexpected tragedy forces them out of the shadows, they are forced to reunite against mankind’s most ancient enemy, The Deviants.
actors from the Eternals movie are,already hyping up the fans by saying the,Eternals will be the most sci-fi epic,Marvel movie yet and to be honest this,seems like a stretch since we just had,the end game and Infinity Ward destroyed,the box office and we’ve also had the,awesome dharmam who vs Doctor Strange,fight scene in the end of 2016 Doctor,Strange so making something more epic,than those examples will be extremely,hard but since its Marvel Studios its,most likely going to happen anyways the,Eternals is a superhero team that has,been around since the beginning of time,in Marvel and in the comments digs into,some harsher topics and will definitely,be more on the scary side which is good,since fans will need some sort of,preparation for Doctor Strange 2 into,the multiverse of madness since it’s,gonna be one of the first horror films,in the MCU also something cool about the,Eternals is their original mutants exist,and I’m sure the movie will finally show,us some Easter Egg related to the x-men,so are you excited for the Eternals,movie let me know in the comments so we,can carry on the conversation there,anyways this is super short video and,this channel usually doesn’t post this,short of videos also my name is Tanner,Luke and Garrett has been one of my,friends for life and since Sierra is out,sick I filmed a video for him to keep,his channel going and basically I don’t,really have any channels going right now,I mean you could subscribe to my tan,atomic chain or channel that’ll probably,be in the description a Garrett might be,editing this video I don’t know I think,he is so yeah if he added this can you,just put might anatomic cannon or Daquan,channel,channel down in the description thank,you alright thank you guys for watching,this video if you did enjoy it please,leave a like on it I know it is,extremely short it’s probably only a few,minutes long but nevertheless please,stay tuned for future videos because,they’re also going to be probably a,little bit longer than this one alright.


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