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The Matrix 4

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The fourth installment in The Matrix franchise. Plot unknown. Matrix is getting read,something for a fourth film with Keanu,Reeves and carrie-anne moss returning,and lana wachowski writing and directing,and I’m sure Keanu being mr.,breathtaking 2019 and all of us suddenly,being obsessed with him again has,nothing to do with it,production for this film is set to begin,in early 2020 which could lead to like a,summer 2021 release and while the script,sounds like it is done the movie’s plot,remains a mystery I have had matrix on,the brain ever since I read pulled,myself for my recent in-depth rewatched,of the first film go check that out but,here I’m gonna break down everything we,know about this new matrix film how,things were left after reloaded and,revolutions to set the stage for another,film and whether this sequel is just,pure studio cash-grab or a critical,reflection of society today or let’s be,honest made about spoiler warning in,case I accidentally predict anything,about this movie that lessens your,enjoyment,okay so first quick refresher on how,reloaded and revolutions ended the,climax of the Matrix Reloaded so neo,meeting with the architects remember,that heart-stopping thrill ride of cold,muted exposition the architect explained,to neo that he was in the sixth of,multiple iterations of the matrix a,cycle with neo as these systems inherent,anomaly causing chaos and rebellion to,threaten the matrix as existence with,that very rebellion itself coded into,the system by the architect and the,Oracle leading to an event allottee that,this anomaly would face the choice to,save and reboot the matrix with a select,group of freed humans in Zion and start,the cycle anew or,let this whole system crash killing,everyone inside the past five anomalies,decided to reboot restore restart the,cycle but neo 6.0 decided I love Trinity,and I want to be with her let it all,burn and that leads us to the Matrix,Revolutions,as machines lay siege to Zion neo and,Trinity surface up top at the desert of,the real,headed to machine city but Trinity dies,in the most awkwardly times death reveal,ever one,leo it’s a brokering a truce with the,machines I’ll help you rid yourself of,Agent Smith virus and has overtaken her,system in exchange for peace in the war,between man and machine,so no more cycle of anomalies rebellion,and resetting this time a system where,both humans and machines can coexist,peacefully so the machines plug neo back,in where he confronts thousands of agent,Smith’s in a Super Saiyan rain battle,and in the end neo let smith assimilate,into him knowing that Smith is a,compulsive AI driven by purpose and has,no choice but to assimilate Anna Smith,does this neo makes it so that the,machines kill his corporeal body,therefore also destroying the Smith,virus Christ pose sacrificed to save the,world love is the answer yada yada yada,so revolutions ends ambiguously watching,this sunrise on a seventh iteration of,the matrix insert your own seventh day,God created the universe metaphor,there’s a little kid there the humans,and machines have brokered a peace a,peace that might not last forever they,say but at least in this new matrix,humans will be given the choice to be,free or to be enslaved some like me,would probably be like cypher and,decided to eat delicious steak and,blissful ignorance whereas others would,prefer their cave orgies,but with neo and Trinity dead where does,this leave a fourth Matrix film starring,Keanu Reeves the carrie-anne moss well I,have a theory I’ll go into it well,before you continue thank you to our,sponsor recon for helping us make this,episode recon that makes sleek,comfortable wireless headphones that are,way more affordable than the other,options out there and I wasted way too,much time with corded headphones it’s,getting caught and low-hanging tree,limbs and airplane seat armrests,Mitchell is just getting tangled up like,quietly freaking coyote but these rake,on wireless earbuds super discreet you,just pair them with your device and then,you simply pop them in like that and,then you’re good to listen to whatever,music or podcasts you want and you can,feel like cardi B who is also obsessed,with these I have so much to come in,with her raid cons a 50 wireless earbuds,look stylish you feel comfortably sound,amazing and rake ons everybod start,about half the price of any other,premium wireless earbuds on the market,so click on the link in the description,below to get 15% off your order okay,back to my theory for how they,bring back neo and Trinity and matrix,for this next film could be set in a,future iteration of the matrix either,this seventh one that we saw the end of,revolutions or some later one in which,neo and Trinity had been rebooted,actually now I think of it Matrix,rebooted or like matrix resurrected,wouldn’t be the worst titles but we do,know from the architects scene that past,anomalies looked exactly like neo so,presumably a future generation of this,anomaly would still look like Keanu,Reeves who let’s be honest is every bit,as breathtaking as he was twenty years,ago,each new iteration of the matrix,addresses flaws in the previous system,so maybe the peace between humans and,machines has ended and a kind of covert,cold war in which the sides are unaware,of the ways that the other side are,continuing to subvert and hack each,other like maybe we’ll see a seemingly,freed human society secretly infiltrated,by sleeper cell machine controlled,humans kind of like how Smith operated,Bane with the aim to control all of,humanity once more and it could be the,task of the relic of the previous,anomalies system to decode this mystery,a plot Madame like goes to the shell,which was the primary influence of the,Wachowski cyberpunk concepts but this,brings up the question of how central,Rives and moss will be to this cast as,well as people like Laurence Fishburne,and Hugo Weaving who are still busy,beloved actors who could return in the,sequel as well so would this fourth,Matrix film make neo the hero of the,story once again or the way JJ Abrams,did with the force awakens feature the,old cast as supporting characters to a,new generation of heroes and villains,well really the latter might not be the,worst way to go neo in Trinity in this,new matrix could be the old timers with,memory flashes to pass lives that they,don’t really understand but they end up,having to play some pivotal role in a,new mystery or conflict led by a younger,generation of characters eventually,solve something like this with Blade,Runner 2049 which huh also like the,force awakens featured Harrison Ford is,a grizzled version of his classic,character mentoring a younger smartass,and you know come to think of it they,did the same thing with Ford and Indiana,Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as,opposed Harrison Ford is the cyclical,anomaly of generational reboots lana,wachowski has said only this about the,movie’s plot many of the ideas lily and,I explored 20 years ago about our,reality are even more relevant now,makes you wonder what theme she’s,referring to of course there’s the whole,idea of propaganda fake news simulated,realities the rise of conspiracy theory,thinking into the mainstream and how a,society can function when no one can,trust any authority perhaps this new,matrix could explore controlling systems,on a subtler scale with the machines,trying to lure humanity back into,enslavement with the promise of VR,escapism entertainment gaming porn,YouTube break downs there’s also the,theme of gender identity something Corte,double cows keys lives and a theme that,they wanted to include in the first,matrix film with a character of switch,switch was originally conceived to be,male outside of the matrix but then,switched to female inside the matrix to,reflect her true identity perhaps this,new matrix film will finally allow lana,wachowski to explore that concept,through a new character the matrix,remains one of my all-time favorite,films and I don’t think reload and,revolutions are given enough credit so I,am excited to see how this next chapter,applies cyberpunk philosophy to the,modern era and maybe also we’ll get a,chance to dig into the lingering,theories from the original trilogy like,is the real world also a simulation and,is Agent Smith actually the one and are,my matrix short films that I shot when I,was 12 years old considered canon I,think so what story do you want this,next Matrix film to focus on comment,down below with your thoughts follow me,on twitter and instagram at a vas and,subscribe to new rockstars for more,breakdowns of theories about everything,you love thank you for joining me and,let’s be honest matrix 4 is just gonna,be cyberpunk 2077 right.


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