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Venom 2

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Sequel to the box-office hit film “Venom.” we the sequel to venom has been,officially announced and we’re,celebrating with tater tots fresh,lobster and a list of everything we want,from this sequel what’s up everybody my,name is Joshua and if you’re a longtime,venom reader like me and there are some,very specific things from the comics,that you want to see in the next movie,starting with carnage the stinger gave,us our first look at psycho serial,killer Cletus Kasady who we all know,bonds with the symbiote offspring of,venom to become a combination though,leaner than venom carnage has proven to,be the stronger of the two thanks to his,brutal nature and penchant for turning,his hands into all manner of pointy,things,but while carnage is one of Marvel’s,deadliest villains he’s never had much,in the way of death so this movie has,the opportunity to break new ground for,the character by reinventing his,motivation for being that depraved and,murderous last year season 3 of,daredevil fundamentally changed bull’s,eye and the result was a brilliant new,rendition that made him more compelling,than ever before that is the kind of,treatment that carnage deserves but,please please give woody harrelson a new,wake to where we appreciate giving him,comics accurate red hair but they cross,the line into carrot-top territory tough,to see humans like Eddie,next up on our wish list is for the,sequel to introduce another villain that,is not a symbiote now don’t get me wrong,we still want carnage but the first,movie already gave us a one-on-one,sindhya brawl that wound up looking like,a fight between two angry syrup blobs so,we want to see something new,this might mean introducing Carnage’s,non symbiote cronies like shriek or demo,goblin including someone like the Sin,Eater from Venom’s comic origin or maybe,even jack-o’-lantern from the Flash,Thompson venom comics they could include,another sony own spider-man character,like Jared Leto’s Morbius the living,vampire silver sable or black cat and if,they really want to go all-out they can,introduce Venom’s version of the,sinister six known as the savage six,venom wants to be a lethal protector so,give us a movie that really puts that to,the test,to destroy this world if Sony does,introduce multiple bad guys then Eddie,is probably gonna need some help,and given that Michelle Williams said,getting to transform into she venom was,the big reason she signed on in the,first place she could once more become,she venom and team-up with venom to help,save the day then have them make out,again yeah no no don’t haven’t do that,that was that was really weird,while we’re talking about Venom’s,enemies I’m just gonna throw it out,there that we’d love to see spider-man,in the sequel now we know that Spidey,likely won’t appear in any of Sony’s,spin-off Marvel movies for a variety of,studio related reasons but this is a,wish list after all and seeing Tom,Hardy’s venom and Tom Hollands,spider-man Duke it out on the big screen,really is the stuff of dreams but if,they’re not going to give us spider-man,in the flesh the very least they could,do is give venom his iconic white spider,chest symbol from the comics they really,nailed venom sighs teeth tongue pretty,much everything in the first movie but,he just doesn’t look quite right without,the symbol now admittedly it doesn’t,make sense for venom to have the spider,symbol in a world where he’s never met,spider-man which is why he didn’t have,it in the first movie but we went to,challenge the writers to come up with a,good reason he gets it in the sequel or,they could just put in spider-man just,put in spider-man,[Music],we don’t know what the plot will be for,venom two but a good place to start,would be our favorite venom comic in,recent memory agent venom this story is,actually about flash Thompson’s venom,but the concept could easily be adapted,to fit Eddie Brock instead agent venom,works for the government using the,unique powers of the symbiote and a,bunch of guns to go on insanely,dangerous missions we’ve not only get a,sweet new look for venom to keep things,fresh but an easy plot set up picture,this cletus kasady uses his newfound,carnage powers to break out of prison,and go on a supervillain murder spree,the government would then need to seek,help from someone who knows him and know,symbiotes well enough to stop him so,they enlist venom to help take him down,those are the things from the comics we,most want to see in the venom sequel let,us know what you want to see in the,comments and for more on venom check out,our list of Marvel’s strongest symbiotes,and no venom it’s not number one and our,thoughts on Venom’s insane new origin.


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